Hold onto your hats, the revival of fashion trends from the early 2000’s is underway!

Yep, you better get ready to relive some of your best ‘what was I thinking?’ moments.  One iconic past trend has returned in full force… the glorious colored lens.  A regular staple of stars such as the Olsen twins and Drew Barrymore, with shades of red or blue, the colored lens was hard to ignore.

The colored eye wear trends brought us rose colored lenses as being one of the more popular colors and one that survived the fad longer than most colors.
Nineteen or so years later, and colored lenses are back in full force. As one of the main attires of celebrities and style bloggers, these colored glasses and lenses are addition color to their daily wear. 

Colored lenses can be used along with almost any eye-glass frames, which provides plenty of choices when designing a pair of glasses for anyone’s personal style.